Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great Band From Indonesia #3


Yuki Arifin Martawidjaja (Yukie) - Vocal
Bambang Sutejo (Bengbeng) - Guitar
Trisno (Trisnoise) - Bass
Sandy Andarusman (Sandy) - Drums

Contaminated Rock/Alternative Rock

Bandung - Indonesia

Official Web:

Story About PAS
Begin from underground scene, playing hardcore song around. Founded around 1989, initially powered by Richard Mutter (Drums), Bengbeng (Guitar), Trisnoise (Bass), and Yukie (Vocal). Some says that the name “PAS” was chosen to describe their musical ability - at that moment - just adequate.
Released their first EP under indie label, “Four Through The Sap”, which was sold around 9500 copies

When these guys wanted to make their first album back in 1989, they emptied out their bank accounts and got donations from their friends to make a demo. After gathering enough cash, they were able to make 2,500 cassettes and distribute them to local radio stations in their hometown of Bandung and also in Jakarta. The music, a funk-rock hybrid a la Red Hot Chili Peppers, got the attention of Aquarius Musikindo, one of the country's biggest music producers and their label for the next five releases. The band helped prove the commercial viability of indie rock in Indonesia and was then asked to join an international rock festival in 1996. That show, perhaps the best independent rock concert to ever be held in Jakarta, featured the Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth. PAS played an awesome opening set and once again cemented their cred in the indie community.

On February 2000, Richard Mutter passed away and replace Sandy Andarusman, drummer from U’Camp and Opera. Sandy become official PAS drummer around the making of PAS 6th album.

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Below is not the official video clip from PAS, but this song is one of my favourite.
Taken from PAS 2nd Album in 1995 "In (no) Sensation", this is "Poisoned Garden".
Enjoy it ;)

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