Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Hip Hop Band From Indonesia


Listen to Homicide Track "Tantang Tirani" below, from their last Album "Illsurrekshun"

Homicide - Tantang Tirani

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There are maybe plenty of artists in the world,under named Homicide. But one of the most well known around South East Asia, is an underground political conscience hip hop supergroup from Bandung - West of Java, Indonesia.

Homicide is well respected among underground hip hop community through it’s consistent and razor sharp poetic lyrics, along with abstract rhymes wrapped in experimental beats with dark spectrum. Consisted with two members; Morgue vanguard (MC/Producer), and Sarkasz (MC). Since 1994, Homicide succeeded to put The-“Against Neo-liberalism”-movement in the musical platform. It became one of the most influential group in the whole Indonesia’s underground music scene history.

Before the group broke up in August of 2007, they had dropped the critically acclaimed album “The Nekrophone dayz” (2006),following the success of it’s EP “Prosa tanpa Tuhan” (2003).

Message From Homicide:


After 13 years of existence, we decided to put this project to an end forever. We gratefully thank those who gave us helps and support along those years, those who made it possible, those who contributed their time and even their lives and passions to the project, who endlessly showed us the most honest friendships, those who fight along the way of the illest struggle, and shared unbelievable days and fearless nights.

The remaining of us will continue this bigger project called "life" to the next level. See ya’ll out there.


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